Albert Herring, Hampstead Garden Opera: “Tom Morss is a close to perfect Albert. Legomanlike, with a yearning tenor that bespeaks years at the sweet-shop window, he busts out in fine style for his second act rampage.”

Keiron Quirke for The Evening Standard.

Albert Herring, HGO: “Tom Morss is a simply wonderful Albert.. –hangdog and befuddled until his transformation during one night in Bangkok, Suffolk-style, he characterised him brilliantly.”

Mark Valencia for

Madame x, Grimeborn Festival: “..a gentle and self-effacing presence on stage..communicating a sense of bewildered humility and inner conviction which gave Masetto artistic intensity and conviction..a highly effective, emotive performance. In one beautiful aria, when he was finally allowed a whole text (first set to music by Dowland) with which to express his emotions, Morss sang with a stunning plangency which was well worth staying for, and heralds an exciting ability.”

Charlotte Valori for

The Coronation of Poppea, Ryedale Festival Opera:“Tom Morss, in drag as..nurse Nutrice, provides a witty foil to Ottavia’s grim gloom, complete with lumbago, corns and earthy advice which provokes much laughter.”

Charlotte Valori for

La Calisto, Hampstead Garden Opera:“acted with enthusiastic coarseness..but sung with sweetness and beauty – his is a powerful and attractive haute-contre voice, and..was the singing I enjoyed most.”    

Adrian Horsewood for Early Music Today